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Mr. C. Harish Chandraprakasam

Director, Engineering and Operations Malles Group, Chennai, India

I, C. Harish Chandraprakasam did my MS (Intelligent Robotics) at University of Southern California, Los Angeles. I started as a Controls Engineer, programming PLCs and designing control panels for a conveyor company and eventually started heading the projects team. We executed projects for JC penny's, Nordstrom, Big5 sporting goods, Toys R us etc. The whole project for Mc Master-Carr, Santa fe springs was executed by me. I programmed so many sorting systems, bin picking lines, transfer systems etc.


Finally I moved back to India for family reasons and started Malles Automated partnering with Kawasaki Robotics in 2012. I saw what was happening in China Robotics market and since I have the knowledge and experience in development of robots, I decided to develop our own robots under the brand name MCI Robotics in 2014, designed and manufactured in India. We launched our products in 2017 and we have seen our sales increase 200% year on year.

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