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Visa and Travel Rules and Regulations

If you do need visa, the organization will be pleased to give you a letter of invitation for your application. Visa applications requirements and documents needed are to be requested from the concerned embassy or consulate. The letter will be send by Email only.

For further information about the Visa, please contact the program manager.

Please be aware that we won’t be able to contact directly consulates or embassies and we do not intervene in anyway with the Visa process as the participant is sole responsible to apply and follow up on his Visa application.

Even with the letter of Invitation and in case we are contacted by the concerned consulates or embassies, we will not be able to support the participant Visa applicant unless he/she is fully registered to the conference and paid the registration fees. For this, we strongly advise our participants to register to the conference before applying for the Visa.

June 2022 Guide for Thailand Pass Application; Entry Requirements for Thais and Foreigners

One can find the complete information about the Thai pass, travel restrictions for Thai nationalists and also non-thai Nationalists in the below link.

We request you to kind go through all the rules and regulations thoroughly. If you have any queries feel free to reach us at

These are the updates for month of June, we will bring up to date information regarding the whole process time to time.
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